Pinkview-DR Prime

Digital Mammography

75㎛ high resolution :  High quality image with indirect type detector

▷ High digital image with high resolution indirect type detector
▷ Approach the price-sensitive market with economic digital mammography
▷ MICOM provides the convenient digital compression control
▷ Perfect compatibility with DICOM


Remarkable Economic Approach–Pursue Lowest Price

Indirect type detector with Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) acquires the good quality image in quick time.

Indirect Type Detector with high density

  • Best quality of image is to be obtained by the adopted indirect detector of 75㎛ high resolution adopting Amorphous Silicon(a-Si).
  • Convenient for management due to get less influences from environmental elements.

MICOM : Digital Compression Control

Less pains to the patients with soft compression control with MICOM
Max compression 200N ( adjust by 10N Unit)

The Pixel Size is “75μm” 

The pixel size of 75μm displays the exceptional image quality, high DQE and low-noise performance.