Various Digital Upgrade Package Mobile X-ray system

Free positioning with Arm Free Stop function
High output 100mA with high frequency inverter type

▷ Arm Free Stop Function at Any Position
▷ High Frequency Inverter System
▷ Powerful 100mA Output with Compact Size
▷ Two Operation Panel (Main/Header)
▷ Wide Range of APR (96APR)


Digital Upgrade

  • Fast & easier image acquisition is possible.
  • No need for CR Reader or phenomenon facility.
  • High quality image and sharpness of images due to the digital detector of indirect system.
  • Wireless system is comfortable and convenient in handling and operation.

Arm Free Stop function

User can expose the unit after changing and stopping the X-ray head at 4-way direction without locking lever and gas shock absorber.
(Patent No.:10-1047973)

Internal brake system

Minimize the risk of injury during transportation with good outlooks.

Control Panel

Two operation panels ; Convenient operation.
DAP function ; Checking the volume of X-ray exposure.
AceMobile-510D operates with general electric power supply. (No Battery operation)