Various Digital Upgrade Package Mobile X-ray system

Free positioning with Arm Free Stop function
High output 100mA with high frequency inverter type

▷ Arm Free Stop Function at Any Position
▷ High Frequency Inverter System
▷ Powerful 100mA Output with Compact Size
▷ Two Operation Panel (Main/Header)
▷ Wide Range of APR (96APR)


Digital Upgrade

  • Fast and easier image acquisition is possible No need for CR Reader or phenomenon facility.
  • High quality image and sharpness of images due to the digital detector of indirect system.
  • Wireless system is comfortable and convenient in handling and operation.

Arm Free Stop function

User can expose the unit after changing and stopping the X-ray head at 4-way direction without locking lever and gas shock absorber.
(Patent No.:10-1047973)

Internal brake system

Internal brake system considers reducing risk of injury and improving aesthetic value of appearance.

Control Panel

Two operation panels are for the convenient operation.
DAP function is available check the volume of X-ray exposure.
AceMobile-510D operates with general electric power supply. (No Battery operation)