Pinkview-DR Smart


Optimized function for frequent screening performance.

▷ All-in-one system and ASP function
▷ Convenient digital compression control with MICOM
▷ Perfect compatibility with DICOM
▷ SID 660mm for high sharpness


High image quality with the mammography-purpose detector

Suitable & Excellent digital images for breast cancer screening

The Pixel Size is “75μm” 

The pixel size of 75μm displays the exceptional image quality, high DQE and low-noise performance.

Automatic Standard Positioning(ASP)

BEMEMS Co., Ltd adapts ASP function to maximize operators’ convenience. And it can be automatically positioned into standard position with one-touch operation.
(Patent No. 20-030047)

*Standard positioning: RCC-LCC-RMLO-LMLO

MICOM compression control

Reducing the patients’ pains (Soft compression control of MICOM )
Range of compression : Max. 200N (Adjustable by each 10N)

Easy and convenient operation

Main OP and PC make the mutual communications for display and control. ( Convenient Operation)