Portable X-ray

Compact Size and Light Weighted system with
Dose Area Product function
Superb & Stable Image Quality

▷ Flat Touch Panel & Digital Display
▷ Operation by Mobile Apps
▷ 16 APR Data Selection
▷ Display Reverse Switch
▷ Easy access to DR Systems

Superb & Stable Image Quality
– High frequency inverter type (2.4kW, 100kV / 40mA)
– It can get excellent images with X-ray exposure of efficient and stable output.
– Easy access to DR systems.

Dose Area Product Function
– Patient‘s dose management is convenient with built-in DAP function.
– The dose of the patient can be displayed by the accumulated value and individual value.

Operation Panel

– Operation is very easy and convenient with flat touch panel type and it can be displayed by reverse switch.
– User can set 16 modes of APR with easy operation.