BEMEMS Co., Ltd. is the abbreviation for THE BEST MEDICAL ITEMS.

BEMEMS Co., Ltd is to be an excellent manufacturer of X-ray and a leader in medical market
by supplying the high quality and stable products with high technology.

BEMEMS Co., Ltd has the full product range of mammography from
Analogue to Digital Mammography including Mobile X-ray and portable dental X-ray
as a specialized manufacturing company for X-ray equipment.


12: CE certificate by IEC 3rd Edition
> Pinkview-DR PLUS
> Pinkview-AT
> Pinkview-RT
> AceMobil-510

04: Export portable dental X-ray(OEM) to Japan

03: Launching a diffusion digital mammography [Pinkview-DR Pro]

02: Launching a premium digital mammography for overseas [Pinkview-DR PLUS]

09: Certificate of Venture business from KOVA

12: Award of Tower of million dollars export from KITA


09: Launching a premium digital mammography [Pinkview-DR]

08: Launching a diffusion analog mammography [Pinkview-BT]

07: <Patent> Safety Slip function of mammography from Korean IP Office

02: Accreditation certificate of foreign medical device manufacturer from Japan Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare

01: Certificate of design registration of mammography from Korean IP Office

07: Patent for Arm Free Stop function of mobile X-ray from Korean IP Office

03: Launching a premium analog mammography [Pinkview-AT]

01: Launching a mobile X-ray [AceMobil-510]

06: Launching a diffusion analog mammography [Pinkview-RT]

10: Certificate of design registration of portable dental X-ray from Korean IP Offic

08: Launching a portable dental X-ray [BPD-II]

08: Launching a diffusion mobile X-ray [AceMobil-240]

02: Launching a diffusion portable dental X-ray [BPD-I]


10: Moving of head quarter and factory

08: Established BEMEMS Co., Ltd.